Dragon tattoo meaning, beautiful dragon head tattoo designs

You want a dragon tattoo but don’t know if it’s right for you, what is the meaning of a dragon tattoo? The most beautiful dragon tattoo designs? Please follow the article below to choose the right model for yourself with Viet Ink Tattoo

Why should you choose a dragon tattoo?

Dragon is one of the four sacred spirits and symbolizes all good things. It is also considered a symbol of earth energy and especially has very important feng shui meaning. That is why since ancient times, dragons have been the symbol of kings.(1)
Therefore, it is natural that many people choose dragon tattoos, because they believe that dragons will bring luck to the tattooed person.

What is the meaning of dragon tattoo?

The dragon tattoo symbolizes the power, strength and enthusiasm it brings, symbolizes the great power of the gods and is a symbolic image of favorable rain, wind, positive and bright symbol. create and express beauty with the desire to bring luck and prosperity to the tattooed person.
Dragons are considered sacred animals with snake-like bodies, fish scales, deer horns, eagle claws, etc. This is also an animal that can fly in the sky and is considered an animal with energy. Super.
It is these special meanings that make dragon tattoos increasingly popular and chosen by many people.

Dragon tattoo meaning through color

  • The white dragon symbolizes purity and emptiness
  • The red dragon image symbolizes strength and anger
  • The golden dragon symbolizes success, prosperity and happiness
  • The blue dragon symbolizes eternal advancement
Depending on each person, when getting a tattoo you can choose the most suitable colors, partly symbolizing advancement and luck in work and life. .
Although the meaning of the dragon tattoo brings a lot of luck, it is still not suitable for some people. Therefore, before choosing a dragon tattoo, you should also find out what age group this tattoo is suitable for.

What ages are dragon tattoos suitable for?

What ages are dragon tattoos suitable for and what ages are they not? This is probably a question many people ask when choosing a tattoo for themselves.

According to the five compatible elements, people of ages such as Rooster, Rat, and Monkey will have a dragon tattoo on their body that is very suitable for their age. Not only do they have a lot of luck, but they also receive support from noble people in both work and daily life. .
As for those born in the year of the Dog, Cat, and Dragon, they absolutely cannot use the dragon image because these ages are considered incompatible in the five elements.
If you get a tattoo, you will have bad luck and sometimes encounter disasters in life. So you need to consider before choosing for yourself.

Things to keep in mind when getting a dragon tattoo

hen tattooing a dragon, there must be water
One thing you need to pay special attention to is that during the dragon tattoo process, there must be water. Because according to ancient beliefs, when a dragon meets water, it will create a mutual relationship, revealing majesty, courage and strength.
As for the dragon figure without water, it will fall into the position of the dragon falling into shallow water, leading to loss of vitality. When tattooing a dragon with water, the most suitable place for you to tattoo is the front of your chest.

Do not get a dragon tattoo on the right side

Because the ancients believed that tattooing a dragon on the right side would bring out the full power of the Thanh Dragon.

When getting a dragon head tattoo, the image must face inward

When tattooed, the dragon’s head must face inward, not outward.
This will bring luck and help you overcome bad omens and disasters in life and work. On the contrary, if the dragon tattoo has its head facing outward, it will bring many bad points.

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