The meaning of the unicorn in tattoo art

You want to get a Foo Dog – unicorn tattoo but are still wondering? You still don’t fully understand the meaning of the unicorn tattoo and don’t know if it’s right for you? Let’s join Viet Ink Tattoo  to learn the meaning of the unicorn image through the article below.

Origin of unicorn tattoo

Unicorns are also known as (Lan, Ly, Stone Lion,…), considered a legendary animal with many special meanings. According to Eastern culture, unicorns are classified as one of the four sacred species (Dragon – Unicorn – Quy – Phung).
Ly is another name for a unicorn. Unicorns are described as having a half-dragon, half-animal shape, sometimes with one horn, because this horn is not for goring anyone, so the horn is the embodiment of honesty and kindness. In addition, unicorns also have the significance of eliminating unexpected disasters, increasing happiness and bringing good luck.
In English, unicorns have many names such as Qilin, Kirin, Foo dog, Unicorn. Besides, depending on the culture, the shape of the unicorn will also be different.
The European unicorn is a mythical creature, commonly known as a white horse with a single horn on its forehead or possibly two wings. However, the traditional unicorn also has a goatee, a lion’s tail, and split hooves like a cow’s. This makes it different from a regular horse.
Asian unicorn, many legends tell, this unicorn has the shape of half dragon, half animal. Most unicorns will have deer horns, dog ears, camel forehead, devil eyes, lion nose, wide mouth, deer legs and ox tail.
In addition, the unicorn is also known as the reincarnation of the dragon horse, symbolizing the will of men, those who can hold their heads in the sky and their feet on the ground, for space and time, for the universe. advocacy and for saints. In fact, until now no one has seen a unicorn. This animal may be imagined by humans or only existed in ancient times.
Those are the meanings of unicorns that people believe. So in the world of tattoo art, what does a unicorn tattoo mean?

What is the meaning of unicorn tattoo?

The meaning of the unicorn tattoo is to show strength and power, masculine will, representing men who always love everyone, are altruistic, good-minded and always help. help everyone.. Unicorns are also used to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck
Many people believe that tattooing the image of this mascot on the body can help the owner avoid evil spirits around them and bring luck and prosperity in life.

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